Tiger confiscation drive yields 40 dead Tiger Cubs discovered in freezer of Thai Tiger Temple

When a task force comprising of police and wildlife officials commenced a long overdue operation to remove Tigers from the Thai Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, little did they realize that not only were allegations of animal abuse proved right, they found something equally tragic and horrifying within the temple itself.

The fact of 40 dead Tiger cubs found in the freezer inside the temple had shocked all present, as such an unprecedented action could hardly be becoming of a religious place.

1 Large Number of Tigers Confiscated

The operation to finally remove Tigers from Thailand’s famous Tiger temple called Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, commenced after widespread allegations of animal abuse were proved right, got underway last Monday, the 29th of May. Both Police and forest wildlife authorities confiscated no less than 40 large wildcats promising to return to confiscate dozens more that were being kept at the Temple. The Buddhist temple at Kanchanburi has been steeped in controversy ever since allegations cropped up of widespread animal trafficking originating from the temple.

One can hardly wonder what practice of Buddhism could be preached at a temple that contradicts the very tenets of Buddhism which preaches non-violence against any living being; human, plant or animal.

Tigers in Thai temple

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk

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