Watch the amazing reaction of a deaf baby who hears his mother for the first time

The bond between a little baby and its mother can well be regarded as a miracle. Till a child is grown up, the emotional security and happiness is derived majorly from every contact with a mom. However it was tragedy for Ahavah Cook who could not establish complete sense of bonding with her new born baby Elijah all because his hearing was impaired.

For both parents Ahavah and Jason cook who live in Andova Minnesota? Their worst fears were confirmed all because they too had parents who were unfortunately deaf and the genes responsible seem to have caught up with little Elijah. But!! Due to the miracle of medical science, just watch the reaction of little Elijah when this baby hears moms voice for the first time.

1 Diagnosed With Hearing Impairment

Soon after birth on January 2nd in 2015, Elijah cook was diagnosed with poor hearing. He could only hear upto 75 decibels in his right ear and was almost deaf in his left ear. The problem worsened after developing ear infection. For Ahavah, the tragic circumstance of Elijah losing his hearing was a challenge. The baby would never know his moms voice and could never respond to it. For an entire month, the trauma made Ahavah an emotional wreck.

But as traumatized and emotional the parents were, they were also resilient and determined enough to not allow their little boy be defeated of his predicament. They would not deprive him of his most precious moments and that was the baby hearing his mom’s voice for the first time.

baby Diagnosed With Hearing Impairment

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