How To Spot The Differences Between A Real And Fake Rolex

The Rolex watch is now something worn to make a statement; to show the world how rich, stylish and what good taste you have. The watch is so synonymous with style and taste that people even buy fake ones to show off to their friends.

From afar a fake Rolex can look just as good as a real one. But once you get closer and look at all the details present you will understand why the real Rolex is such an icon in the watch industry. The hours of manual labor and years of innovation only shows in a real Rolex.

1The Rolex

The Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch that in the years has become an icon for style, class, and luxury among watch brands. The company produces one of the most expensive watches on the planet that are pioneers in the watch industry. Unlike most watch brands that produce them on a conveyor belt, each Rolex watch is handcrafted to perfection.

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2The counterfeit market

Over the years the Rolex brand has made a big name for themselves and gained a good reputation among the watch industry. They are known to make expensive watches that are bought by millions across the globe which began a counterfeit market that still exists. There are many ways you can spot a fake from a real and here are some examples.

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3How the hands move

When you own a Rolex you own a piece of innovation. The company has put in years of design and technology to create something that wraps around your wrist and works buttery smooth. This is something the fake watches cannot replicate. The hands-on a real Rolex move like butter but the ones on a fake one do not because of its use of sub-par mechanics.

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4The serial number

A genuine Rolex watch will have a serial number engraved into the metal. This is how you know it is real. A fake Rolex with have it “etched” with acid. You can even Google search the serial number on your Rolex to see if it is original or mass-produced. This is the first thing most Rolex owners do when they get a new watch and do not know about the other methods of spotting the difference.

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5The text

On the dial of the Rolex is a bit of text that usually is the name and model of the watch but this is there for a reason. Original Rolex watches have these with very fine detail and have been exquisitely printed. But the fake ones will have blurs, splotches, and unevenness. There will also be inconsistent spacing in the font as well as ink bleeding.

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