Dismaland – A bemusement park that will haunt your dreams

When you think of an amusement park, you think of fun filled day with your family. You imagine having fun on the rides, attractions, roller coasters and laughter all around. Amusement parks are a great way to keep kids busy and spend some time with the whole family.

But what we have here is a bemusement park created by graffiti artist from Britain Banksy, is not what you call a conventional amusement park where you will have fun and do something productive with your family.

Actually Banksy proclaims that this park is not for children. Let’s find out why.

1 The ‘Amusement’ Park

The amusement park is situated on Weston-super-Mare, a desolate sea side town in Somerset, England and is the brain child of graffiti artist Banksy.
The Amusement park is called Dismaland and is a large scale show ridiculing the more popular Disneyland theme parks all over the world. It is a 5 week show and features distorted versions of famous Disney world attractions and is more of a rebellious, darkly comic and mocking at the authority, rather than a place where fun is the center of the theme.

The ‘Amusement’ Park

Image Source: www.timeinc.net

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