Facebook messenger has a secret game that nobody really knows about…Discover it now!

We have all become so dependent on technology that it has almost become enslaving. Yes our constant connectivity to our mobile phones, our addiction to the phablet and the big time tuning in to Facebook has actually made us realize that we have somehow become overtly linked to technology over the last half a decade or so. Especially, when you have the convenience of mobile internet, what more could you ask for? Your emails always pop in and are read at the right time, your Google searches are always spot-on and you keep getting the right updates or pings from your friends via the social networks.

1 Remain Idle No Longer

The mobile phones—or rather, smart phones that we have are actually a great way to kill time. In fact, thanks to the advent of the Facebook messenger and its app, no matter what you do, you are always chirping away. At least, that means no more sitting idle at any point of time. Facebook Chat is one of the best connectivity options that you might have today. We can simply vile away time keying in texts and chatting away. However, trust me, while these are constant sources of entertainment to teens and young adults, some of us might want a little more out of the Facebook messenger.

There is no cause to think what could be a better way of killing time over Facebook messenger since, there exists a Facebook messenger game that hardly anyone knows about. Therefore, gear up to read this snippet as you begin to plan how much time you can actually spend discovering the game in and out. You must have got all imaginative and thought that this game could mean Candy Crush or Temple Run. Well, you are wrong. Facebook messenger does have a hidden game but that is the classic old CHESS.

Remain Idle No Longer

Image Source: www.chesscomfiles.com

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