Did you know these 13 dramatic behind the scene facts of The Big Bang Theory

Ever since the Big Bang theory exploded on Television. Entertainment was never the same. The exploits of the motley group of nerds’ captivated hearts worldwide and fans just can’t seem to get enough of this crazy show and the highly eccentric Sheldon Cooper.

Cooper’s antics and is overtly critical nature of flaunting his condescending attitude is somewhat comical when taken to the extremes. The biggest laugh is actually on this main protagonist who every one humors and that’s what makes his self centered attitude comical to say the least. Check out these dramatic facts of Big Bang theory.

1 Melissa Rauch is nothing like Bernadette in real life

Once the cameras are off, Melissa Rauch is the opposite of her character the soft spoken and sugary Bernadette. The squeaky pitch is just an act but believe it or not her character wasn’t even meant to sound like that. She just started speaking in that weird toe during the audition and it stuck.

Melissa Rauch

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