This woman’s bruise turned out to be a Flesh Eating Bug that almost ate up her arm

When a rare disease crops up, it can do so in the least expected of circumstances. This veterinary assistant found out likewise, when she mistook a small wound on her arm for just that, a small bruise and nothing more. Within hours she was lying on a hospital bed in a serious and severe condition, diagnosed with the rarest disease called Necrotizing Faciitis. And you’ll be shocked to know what this disease can do to you.

This was not an infection that makes you sick because this was fatal bacteria, a deadly flesh eating bug, which attacked 30-year-old Erin Rhodes, who fought for her life against the zombie bug which left her with 200 stitches.

1 Wrong Diagnosis by Doctors Who Thought She Had Cellulitis

It all began on March 4th, when Erin, who worked as a veterinary assistant in Syracuse, USA, found out she had been slightly wounded as there was a tiny bruise on her forearm. She dismissed it until a few hours later it had swollen to unusual proportions. When doctors checked her at a day care center the next day, they diagnosed cellulitis instead. Cellulitis is a similar disease which causes swelling. She was prescribed a usual dose of antibiotics.

But after a while Erin took bad. She began vomiting and decided to rush to St Joseph’s hospital in Syracuse. After preliminary investigations and a CT scan, Doctors admitted the worst. Erin was about to lose her arm if she did not get treatment immediately. Erin was diagnosed with Necrotizing Faciitis. This was a rare bug that consumed flesh and once it started there was no stopping, it could eat up your entire limb if left untreated.

Wrong Diagnosis by Doctors

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