Incredible footage shows Mysterious lights over Manchester hovered for three days and then disappeared

Weird occurrences of possible UFOs or mysterious phenomena have repeatedly occurred this year. From unusual lights blinking in Fairbanks,Alaska presumed to be a UFO to the lights above Liverpool which were filmed in April. Now locals in Manchester were treated to other celestial phenomena on 4th of June,when mysterious lights over Manchester appeared in the sky in the wee hours of the morning of the 4th of June. The bizarre phenomena occurred above the Gorton Monastery in Manchester, England.

Residents of Manchester have been truly mystified by the presence of the lights which have appeared above Gorton Monastery on three consecutive nights in a row.

1 Mysterious Lights Seen By Several Eyewitnesses in Manchester

The incredible footage was captured on video in front of several witnesses who stated that the lights swirled around in the sky for almost an hour before disappearing and would reappear the next day. What exactly was going on, was the big question for puzzled residents,among whom, some wondered if this really was a UFO.

Mysterious Light

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Eye witness, Zachary Weaver told the reporters that he had seen the lights appearing three days in a row above Gorton in Manchester. The Strange bright lights loomed above onlookers and directly in front of Zachary’s house which overlooks Gorton. In his own words, “It looks like there are little black discs appearing in the light, but I haven’t got a clue what it is.”

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