Why we have that little groove under our noses? Read this

There is something on our faces that has puzzled the scientists for a long time. They have scratched their heads looking for answers as to why this thing is present on our faces and what is the exact reason of it to be there.

They were recently successful in finding out the reason and the name for it. This thing is located under the nose and just above the lips. Many of us are confused as to why it is present on our faces and what purpose does it serve. Human anatomy is something that reveals the secrets of itself to people who seek.

Here is some more information about that thing in between our upper lip and nose.

1 What is the groove under the nose known as?

The groove that you feel in the middle of the upper lip, just under the nose, it is known as philtrum. It is also known as medial cleft and is common is many mammals. Along with glandular snout and slit like nostrils, it is believed to constitute a primitive condition among mammals in general.

The philtrum has confused the scientists for many decades now as to what function does it carry out and why it is present on human face. The groove does give the human face some uniqueness and composure, but the scientists were puzzled as to when the groove develops in the fetus and what function it carries out.

Continue reading further to know the function and reason for the philtrum to be present on human lips.

What is the groove under the nose known as?

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