The Heartwarming Story of What one Special Needs Student Does For His Favorite Football Star

Even as we may sometimes lose hope in the future of humanity, we come across examples of relationships shared by strangers that give us hope. This is the story of one special education student and his friendship with Penn State football star Torrence Brown. The Zack and Torrence Brown incident has now gone viral.

It all started with Kacie Hay 21 who met Zack a special education student at Penn State University. The couple met through the Lifelink program that helps special education students like Zack study academics. One of Zack’s programs involves fitness walking which he takes along with Kacie and they enjoyed their walks together.

1 Zack loved seeing the star athletes at Penn

Zack would always be taken up with the football athletes at Penn State University. On his way to class, he would wish each one a “HI” as they passed by him every day. A few weeks ago, Zack got a nice surprise as he carried out his morning tradition of greeting athletes who ran past him.

When Zack said “Hi’ to state football player Torrence Brown, Torrence stopped and shook Zack’s hand. In Kacie’s own words “Ever since then, Torrence has made sure that if he saw Zack he stopped to talk to him.”

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2 When Torrence was injured, Zack did the nicest thing

During a game, Torrence suffered a bad knee injury and had to move around in an electric wheelchair. It was then that Zack decided to do something nice for Torrence. He gave him a “get well soon” gift and a bunch of cookies. Zack felt that cookies would be the nicest way to make Torrence feel better. It was Kacie’s mother who made a bunch for Zack to give his new friend.

“He was so excited to give the cookies and his note to Torrence,” said Kacie. “And when he saw him he ran up to him with a huge smile.”

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3 Torrence loved it

Kacie went on to describe how Torrence was so happy about the gift that even stood up on his electric scooter to hug Zack and thank him. But that wasn’t all Torrence did. He made Zack famous. Zack and Torrence Brown became the talk of Twitter.

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