The Heartwarming Story of What one Special Needs Student Does For His Favorite Football Star

4 Zack’s selfless act brought an overwhelming response at Penn

Kacie too was so overwhelmed at the generosity of Zack that she tweeted about the incident and people loved it.

“Torrence loved it,” tweeted Kacie. “It was amazing. This is Zack’s everyday personality. He is such a sweetheart and would do anything for anybody.”

Torrence retweeted Kacie’s tweet and that’s when the whole incident went viral.

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5Positive Tweets kept pouring in

When Torrence retweeted Kacie’s tweet, all of Penn State sports stars and coached did the same. It was incredible how Zack’s selfless act was highlighted and made famous on twitter. It invited tweets from celebrities like Snoop Dogg too.

Torrence retweeted Kacie’s tweet

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6Zack is now famous

Kacie found comments pouring in on Twitter including one from Nicki Minaj. Kacie never really expected such a huge outpouring of love and admiration for Zack but that is humanity for you, when a spark of hope in the guise of people like Zack flutters, people are always there to catch a glimpse of it and smile.

Kacie said she and Zack found only positive comments coming in regarding the incident. “It’s been overwhelming.” Zack and Torrence Brown are now firm friends.

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