Strange Ice monster moving around on lake in Alaska captured on video

Has Nessie wandered out of Scotland’s waters and got lost? As bizarre as this may sound, News of an ice monster spotted in Alaska has gone near viral on the net. An employee of the Alaska Bureau of Land management reported as having seen something strange on the ice on the Chena River and it was moving.

The Bureau found it hard to identify what it was and uploaded it to their Facebook page where it got 100,000 views and 2,200 shares and counting.

1 What was the strange object moving up and down the river?

It was difficult for Employees to investigate as the moving object appeared to far out in the river. “We’re not sure what it is,” said BLM employess on the page. “We’re letting you all be the judge.”

Speculation is now ripe that that moving object could be a strange animal or an ice monster spotted in Alaska no less. While some felt it could be a giant eel, others thought it to be pike. One funny user felt it was BLMs way of wishing everyone a happy but spooky Halloween all because the video contains background music. Was this another lake monster like Nessie?

strange object moving up and down the river

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