The Harsh Truth Behind The Lives Of People Living Inside Cages In Hong Kong

There are many things the city of Hong Kong is famous for. It has some of the world’s most beautiful skyscrapers. It has the world’s longest covered escalator. But there is another reason why this city is so famous and it has to do with housing.

Hong Kong is one of the most populated cities in the world. Now all these people need places to stay. But, the land is a bit of an issue here. There really isn’t much left to build new homes for people so the people have to compromise on space for a roof over their head.

1Hong Kong does not have much land

For the past 8 years, the housing cost in Hong Kong has been among the highest in the world. The people who live here have to spend almost half their income on their rent. Many have claimed that it is way more expensive to live in Hong Kong than it is to live anywhere else in the world.

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2Housing prices are just too high

Some have estimated that the housing prices in Hong Kong are 19 times higher than the average income which is quite ridiculous for what the people are being offered. This has caused the people living in Hong Kong to give up luxuries like spacious living quarters.

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3People’s living spaces

These high prices have caused people to look for cheaper housing. But, with cheaper housing, you give up a lot more than just space. There are currently 4 types of tiny housing people can afford in Hong Kong. These living arrangements are based on how much the families or the person can afford.

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4The first type: Cage homes

The lowest homes that are also the cheapest are known as cage homes. A cage home is sometimes smaller than a parking space and can only fit one person with a small number of their belongings. This is what the poorest of the poor and elderly have to live in.

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5They are cramped

These cages homes are very small and horrible to live in but the poor people of Hong Kong have no other choice. It is estimated that more than 20% of the people living in Hong Kong are below the poverty line which is an astonishing 1.5 million people. All these people are the ones who have to try to live in these cage homes.

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