Man Foolishly Sells His Kidney For A New iPhone And Is Now Bedridden For Life

Almost every year Apple releases a new iPhone that is basically the last year’s phone in a new case and a few new features. This has now become a joke that everyone knows about yet there are hardcore Apple fans who want the newest addition to the iPhone family no matter the cost.

It is a well-known fact that Apple has some of the most expensive phones on the market. They also have some of the most loyal fans we have ever seen. No matter what they do or how much they charge there are a ton of people just waiting to buy the new iPhone.

1The iPhone craze

Needless to say, you have heard about the iPhone craze. Every year Apple releases a new iPhone or a new version of an old iPhone and people go crazy for it. People line up in front of Apple stores to get their hands on the new phone and the company makes billions.

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2It all started with the first iPhone

The first iPhone or iPhone 2G was released in June of 2007. It was announced and showcased in January of the same year. This built-up hype and the first iPhone craze was seen when people lined up in front of Apple stores days before the release to be the first to get their hands on the new device.

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3The memes

Soon Apple began increasing the price of the newer phones with the latest one at $1000. Even back when the iPhone 6 or 7 was released their prices were high. This led to the meme culture that people would be willing to sell off their organs to own the new phones.

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4If only these were jokes

Unfortunately, for some people the idea of selling an organ for a phone was not a joke or a meme, it was an idea. When Apple released its iPhone 4 in 2010 the price it was shipped with was $599. This was quite a high price for a mobile phone but this wasn’t any mobile phone. This was an iPhone so naturally, there were people who wanted it.

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