Man Foolishly Sells His Kidney For A New iPhone And Is Now Bedridden For Life

9He met three men

Online he met three men who promised to fulfill his dreams of owning an Apple iPhone. They communicated with Shangkun via QQ which is a lot like China’s version of WhatsApp. On the popular online-chatting platform they struck a deal. A kidney for money and not a small sum either.

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10The men promised fortune

The deal was made and Shangkun was about to sell his kidney on the black market for the money. Shangkun made sure not to tell anyone even his parents. He was going to surprise them as the amount he was about to receive was way more than he needed to pay for his Apple products. He even traveled for surgery in secrecy.

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11He went for the surgery

In April of 2011, he traveled to the city of Chenzhou in southern Hunan Province in China for the surgery. He was taken to a medical facility where he saw two surgeons and one nurse. The surgery was held inside a shady, uncertified clinic where his left kidney was removed. He got paid 22,000 RMB which is around $3000 for it.

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12The immediate repercussions

The kidney that was taken from him was sold to a patient for 150,000 RMB which paid the middlemen and the two surgeons, nurse, and the assistant that worked for a local hospital. They kept most of the payment and gave 22,000 to Shangkun. After he was paid the first thing he did was get himself the Apple products he wanted but soon he went into renal failure.

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