Man Foolishly Sells His Kidney For A New iPhone And Is Now Bedridden For Life

13The beginning of the end

When the news of his actions broke to the media he was quoted saying why did he need to kidneys? Little did he know that there is a reason why humans have two kidneys and not just one. He developed renal deficiency which was caused by a number of things. Post-operative care led to an infection which caused his other kidney to fail.

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14They called the police

Watching her son’s health worsen and seeing the expensive Apple products he got made his mother wonder what had happened. He did not shy away from telling her the truth and they called the cops immediately. Luckily, they were able to apprehend a total of nine people including the three middlemen and the two doctors. They were all charged with illegal organ trading and intentional injury.

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15They won the case

His family pressed charges against the accused and won the case even though Shangkun was too weak to attend the trial. The family was awarded a compensation of 1.47 million RMB. The middlemen were sentenced to three to five years in prison, while the doctors received a three-year sentence each. This was a great victory for the family but at a huge cost.

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16Shangkun’s life is now worse

Shangkun’s health began failing during the trial and he is now bedridden for the rest of his life. A once tall, handsome boy is now on the mercy of his family who has to take care of him every day. This comes will a good moral about how one careless decision can ruin your entire life. There are a million children out in the world that would do the same but need to be taught why this is a wrong thing to do.

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