A terrifying scene as migrant vessel capsizes in the Mediterranean. Death toll rising

Even as a migrant vessel capsized in the Mediterranean, there appears to be no end to the migrant problem in Europe. The continued and unabated practice of people smuggling has continued, despite tragedy after tragedy unfolding on high seas. The latest and most shocking incident that once again brought the crisis into the spotlight happened on Wednesday the 25th, when a huge wooden boat jam packed with refuges capsized off the Libyan coast leaving five dead by drowning. Italian patrol boats in the vicinity managed to pull almost 550 people to safety and according to latest reports 6000 people were rescued from the sea since the 23rd in different incidents, indicating a sudden spurt in the problem.

It is an appalling fact that even despite several deaths attributed to people smuggling in a manner that appears grotesque, from the way a huge number of people are packed onto a small little boat, there are still no lessons learnt, where incidents are repeated time and again.

1 Men and Women Struggling To Get a Foothold

The live footage of the migrant vessel capsizing in the Mediterranean taken by Italian coastguards on the spot is uncanny as it highlights the grim and macabre spectacle of the wooden boat turning over on one side due to the number of refugees overloading the boat. The migrant ship had just left Libya, the work of people smugglers as usual. Sinister groups are making a fast buck out of the migrant crisis and packing loads of people onto small dinghies and motorboats and sending them off to Italy. One can clearly see men and a woman struggling to get a grip to save themselves until the boat finally capsizes into the sea.

Even as the boat leaned to one side, migrants were seen diving into the water to save themselves. Italian officials revealed that their rescue and patrol boats saved at least 6000 migrants from the Mediterranean in two days. However rescue missions were still underway even till Wednesday, where the death count was expected to rise.

live footage of the migrant vessel capsizing

Image Source: www.globalnoticias.pt

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