This model underwent multiple surgeries and changed her entire body this is how she looks

You’re about to read the weirdest story about a model who just couldn’t get enough from her body. “Every woman should have plastic surgery to be truly beautiful!” That’s what Argentinean model Aleira Avendano says despite of having a body that has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries. But that’s not all, if you hear about the weird things she’s done to her body, you’d be mortified. To think there are people in the world who have the most warped sense of beauty.

Although Aleira Avendano has a figure that looks like the female cartoon character from loony toons, she still has 50,000 fans on instagram. Take a good look at this model with multiple surgeries.

1 Surgery a record twenty times

In seven years, Avendano has undergone cosmetic surgery a record 20 times. Each time it was to reshape some body part or the other as the model was not satisfied with her body. Believe it or not she wore a corset for seven years to reduce her waist size to 20 inches. The tight Victorian style corset made her uncomfortable at first but she finally got used to it and now feels itchy without it. In order to complete the effect of her tiny waist she had two ribs removed.

No surgeon or cosmetic experts recommends a corset or rib removal as it could have ghastly affects such as organ suppression whereas the ribs protect our organs from injury. But whose’ going to tell Aleira that?

Avendano has cosmetic surgery record

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