Britain’s oldest handwritten note discovered in the Great London Dig

3 Interesting Inscriptions Indicative of Local Society

Some of the tablets bear interesting inscriptions such as the one written in 65 AD and signed Atticus , it bears an appeal “I ask you by bread and salt…” imploring the addressee to return his 36 denarrii.

The main reason for the artifacts to be so well-preserved is the presence of the dried up buried Walbrook River, whose wet mud prevented decay form oxygen exposure.

By far, the most important discovery is a tablet bearing the date 22nd October AD 62, which relates to transportation instructions of provisions form Verulamium (ST Albans) to London. The period preceded the Boudican revolt of AD 61, which destroyed both St. Albans and London, where 70,000 people were killed.

Indicative of Local Society

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