This woman disappeared in 1850 but years later something unique happened!

Life can take a tragic and dramatic turn for many. For women especially, unfortunate events can be traumatic especially if you lived in the 18th century just as one young American girl found out.

The story of Olive Oatman is unique in American history where this Mormon girl vanished without a trace in 1850 after a brutal attack on her family by Yavapai Native Indians as they traversed the great American plain of Western Arizona looking for new places to settle. Her entire families were killed except for the only survivor her brother who after regaining consciousness found that Olive and her sister were nowhere to be found. Not even their bodies.

1 One of the strangest stories of American history

Olive Oatman’s, story has been scripted by many in America as one of the strangest and dramatic events that would be spoken about for years to come. Olive Oatman was just thirteen years old when her family had just converted to the new moron religion and decided to seek better pastures in Arizona. On August 5 1650 the family left Independence Missouri along with a wagon party making their way through Southeast California. However bad weather forced many of the party to abandon their quest leaving the Oatmans to travel alone through barren and dangerous Indian Trail of the Sonoran desert.

Olive Oatman’s, story

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