15 Phone Habits We Have That Can Be The End Of Our Relationships

Can you remember the time when smartphones were not smart? When they were big, had wires and didn’t do anything more than make and receive calls? That was such a long time ago and the mobile phones of today are now mini-computers we carry around in our pockets.

It is safe to say that we have become a bit too obsessed with our phones. Our generation, in particular, has become overly attached to this tiny device that it has become a part of our daily lives. But, did you know that this obsession can ruin relationships?

1Always being on your phone

When you’re with friends, family or even just your partner, you need to give them your full attention. Unless you work in a field that requires your constant attention when you are with them you should just be with them. They should be your priority. If you constantly check your phone then you aren’t really paying attention to your partner.

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2Listening while on your phone

This is something that should be done only during a really urgent situation. If you have to check your phone while someone is talking make it a habit to excuse yourself so that they stop. Letting someone speak while you’re on your phone is quite insulting as you are not giving your 100% attention to what is being said.

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3Smiling at your phone

This is something we all do while scrolling social media. We find something funny and we smile to ourselves. This is completely innocent and something that cannot be taken the wrong way. But when you are in a relationship, things change. If you are caught smiling at your phone this could plant seeds of doubt so the best thing to do is show your partner what it is that you are smiling at.

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4Being on your phone all the time

By this, we meant constantly texting or not being able to get off your phone for more than a minute. Doing so when in a relationship may make your partner feel insecure especially if you’re not in a very busy line of work. They may begin to wonder why you are always on your phone and if you have found somebody new.

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5Constantly checking your phone

Another thing that can sow a seed of doubt is constantly checking your phone and then doing nothing. This is a lot like how we open our fridge when we’re hungry multiple times during the day and just stare inside without taking anything out. It makes you look like you are patiently waiting for someone to call or text back.

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