Scientists discovered A 5.5 million year old poison cave in Romania, They were astonished at what they found inside

If you happen to venture to Constanta County in south eastern Romania, you might come across a desolate nondescript and barren plateau near the Black sea. At first sight, it seems just another mundane plain, not worth exploring, but scientists thought otherwise because what they found lying beneath was something completely astonishing.

Beneath the Romanian plain, lies an isolated cave which had existed for 5.5 million years. That wasn’t the only issue that left scientists agape with awe; the 5.5 million year old cave filled with prehistoric creatures was somehow the find of the century.

1 A Scientific Treasure Trove of Remarkable Discoveries

The 5.5 million year old cave filled with prehistoric creatures was discovered in 1986. Till then, it had been sealed off in obscurity away from human interference. It was by virtue of an accident that Romanian authorities locating a site for building a nuclear plant faltered across the cave. Since then, this remarkable find has become a treasure trove for scientists and so valuable to ecological science that it is strictly guarded and no one is allowed inside without permission. It seemed years of evolution existed in that incredible prehistoric cave.

Known as the Movile cave, the air itself is poisonous with a high level of humidity. The air quality is poor with high content of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It is extremely dark because sunlight has never once shone on this cave for 5.5 million years.

old cave filled with prehistoric creatures

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