This starving Nigerian boy was as good as dead but you’ll be surprised at how he looks now

Rural Nigeria isn’t a place where you would want to be. That is exactly what one social worker found out to her horror. Anja Loven from the Netherlands was an angel care worker in rural Nigeria when she came upon the most horrendous sight that brought tears to her eyes. A little two year boy was roaming the street dusty, dirty and in a pitiful condition. Her first interaction with the child disowned by his family was captured on camera and it was an emotional scene that went viral. Today you won’t believe how the starving Nigerian boy looks now.

Take a look at the image below. It is the image of Danish social care worker Anja Loven giving a two year old starving naked child a drink of water. The image went viral and was reflective of the pitiful conditions existing in Nigeria.

1 Rural Nigeria actually ostracizes children like this little boy

Nigerians in villages are habituated in blaming almost every calamity on the supernatural. It was most unfortunate that this little boy was arbitrarily labeled a witch and that is a death sentence in village society even for babies. He was abandoned and made to undergo exorcism rituals performed by the witch doctor every day.

Rural Nigeria actually ostracizes

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