15 Sure Body Signs That He is Completely Into You

This world of modern advancements and progress in technology has both good and bad points. While the advantages are the convenience of everyday life, unfortunately, online communication and the internet have made us spend more time with our devices than the people whom we care about. We lack the ability to relate to people and thus read their minds or pre-empt their thoughts to show our consideration and feelings. Instead, we more or less lack feelings and the ability to express emotionally which makes us hesitate when in love. But on the flip side, it is our subtle gestures that can give our intentions away and also helps us read others where body signals can reveal a lot of truth. Here are 15 such displays of body language or signs that a man is into you.

1 Lifting the eyebrows

If a man raises his eyebrows when he sees you, it means he likes you. He likes hour actions, your looks, the way you speak and subconsciously wants to be with you. This is the main reason his eyes are opened wider around you and that raises his eyebrows too.

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2Moist Hands

When a man’s hands are clammy or moist, it could mean he is feeling nervous or hot because of you. He is scared of doing or saying the wrong things or making the wrong move. He thinks he might upset you or he might say something dull and that could put you off him or scare you off. Such fears lead to the man being even more nervous around you which results in wet hands.

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3Leaning toward you

This might be an obvious display that says everything but when the circumstances are different and you happen to be in a public place or a crowded bus and he is still leaning towards you, it means that he does not want to miss out a single thing you are saying and wants to hear every word. Women like men who listen to them and men too know this by instinct and thus will comply.

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4Pressing your palm

If you find that he is constantly pressing your palm against his, it means that he desires to connect with you even more than you think. He is really into you and may also interlock his fingers with yours which means the similar thing.

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5Spreading his legs

This might be construed as a sign of trust or even bad manners but for men, this type of sitting position is actually something vulnerable for men. It means that he is willing to be vulnerable and trusts you completely but with the condition of not making you feel uncomfortable.’

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