This teen Girl’s Room caught fire burning half her House down all because of this common mistake

Most people worldwide take a cellphone for granted. Your cell phone is a potential powder keg and because of its safety features, it doesn’t burst in your hand or burst into flames while charging. But! Around the world there have been reports about cell phone’s short circuiting while charging or even exploding. Thus you should never take a cell phone for granted and abide by the safety regulations imparted to you.

One family learned the hard way the potential damage that cell phones can cause all because, their teenage daughter left the phone on her bed while it was charging. Just after she had fallen asleep, the teen’s room was consumed with fire.

1 A severe lesson not to disregard cell phone safety

The Durant family living in Wales learned a severe lesson never to take cellphones lightly. In November, their 15 year old teenage daughter Caitlin had gone off to bed while leaving her cell phone charging. She had left it on the quilt not knowing that it would soon consume her room in flames destroying half the house along with it.

Caitlin’s mother took several photographs of the incident. These were released by the North Wales Fire and rescue department to create awareness among the community about the dangers of how a simple situation could end in devastation and tragedy. The first photo was of Caitlin’s room before the fire broke out.

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