The French Government launches Initiative to avoid wasting food in supermarkets

France has always been a focal city for everything romantic and lovely. From awesome food to literature, from culture to couture, France never disappoints. French food is hailed as the best of all cuisines and is aped or studied across all continents. However, the country has again hit a zenith point when its government announced how it will ban supermarkets in the French territory from dumping or destroying all the food stocks that remain unsold. We applaud the awesome step that France is taking towards avoiding wastage of food. Wasting food has become a global issue, with all developed and developing nations trying to fight out the same. France, officially, becomes the first country that will take action against food-wasting supermarkets.

1 A New Law Against Supermarkets’ tendency of Wasting Food

According to a new law that has been passed with unanimous support by French Senate, large marts and shops will not dump quality foods that are soon to touch the expiry date mark. Instead, they will have to donate all those remaining unsold packets, to local charities. This is a win-win situation across all domains since supermarkets will not have to waste or let their stocks go down the drain. In addition, the charities too will have ample and more food to give.

This law came about to be based on a grassroots campaign and demonstration that shoppers, anti-poverty supporters and food wasting opponents indulged in, over some time now. The campaign later reached the petition stage and after Councilor Arash Darambarsh took over the lead, this went ahead in form of a bill in the Parliament. The bill was introduced by Guillaume Garot, an earlier minister of food industry. These campaigners who have already got their first reward are now more motivated. They now intend to persuade the entire European Union (EU) for adoption of similar laws across all member nations.

Law Against Supermarkets’ tendency of Wasting Food

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This law has already been given a major ‘thumbs up’ by all food banks. These banks are already finding tons of extra volunteers and personnel plus logistical aid that will allow the charity donation move to be given a final roundup. From refrigeration to warehousing—a spurt in demand for all these resources, is the urgent need of the hour. The campaigners believe that these are easily overcome-able and there is no need to worry over these minor things.

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