Here are some amazing farmer’s tips on picking the perfect Watermelon

Who doesn’t like a good juicy watermelon? In summers especially, watermelon juice can be refreshing and rejuvenating. Did you know that watermelon has several important properties and are full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and amino acids? One of the biggest benefits of watermelon is that it contains a significant amount of lycopene, an important amino acid beneficial for healthy heart, strong bones and prevention of cancer. The redder the water melon the more the lycopene content.

Besides Lycopene, a water melon contains citrulline and arginine phytonutrients beneficial for cardiovascular health, improved blood circulation and faster recovery f sore muscles. But now the biggest question remains. How do you choose a good watermelon? Watermelons are confusing because of the green color which doesn’t seem the same. Well there are ways and means to do so. Here are some tips on picking the perfect watermelon.

1 Look for the white spots

When trying to choose watermelons you should check if it has any white spots. These are also known as field spots. Wherever a watermelon has rested on the ground a spot is marked on its surface which is why it is called field spots. Choose one which is gold or orange yellow in color. These indicate ripe watermelons.

white spots on water melon

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