The Way You Walk Can Reveal Something About Your Personality

In 2017 a health and wellness expert Caleb Backe, carried out a study that associated walking style and speed with the main five personality traits which involved agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness and extraversion. In the study, there were also other categories studied that involved other personality types called the driver, supporter, and corrector which determined how one’s walking style revealed personality. Yes, as per the psychological experts, even the way you walk can reveal your personality and here is some information about some such walking styles and associated personality traits.

1 The Executive

As an executive, you may be walking quite fast with focused but fast strides. Those with this personality and walk, usually walk very confidently with their heads up. More often than not, they are always absorbed in their own thoughts and will never mind the people around them because they too may occasionally bump into others simply because they are immersed in some idea or the other or planning a project presentation in their minds. If you walk like this, it means you are a goal-oriented person who knows how to be good at solving problems. The only thing is that you may come off as an unfriendly and intense person.

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2The Corrector

As a corrector, your walk is characterized by small steps and a hunched posture. You also have the habit of avoiding eye contact with people next because people who are correctors are generally very shy and introverted. They are always on guard back and are careful before making any connections even if they are genuine.

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3The Politician

A politician walks with their heads held high and a sense of liveliness characterized by a chest out and forward and shoulders. A politician always looks for appreciation, attention and acknowledgment. You are ready to take on challenges and accept new experiences for the sake of the learning process. You also tend to get bored faster but are confident in speaking and make a good public speaker. You also engage with people well.

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