The Way You Walk Can Reveal Something About Your Personality

4The Worrier

As a worrier, you are habituated in walking cautious and slow. You take short strides when you walk and also tend to drag your feet. This is because as a worrier, you always look down and walk appearing unsettle. Most worriers are thoughtful an introverted people who may also become vulnerable and fearful.

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5The Chiller

Chillers are the easy-going type of people who walk with an easy attitude. Such people are habituated in walking at a medium to slow pace with a relaxed posture and body loose. Such people exhibit small gestures and will often get caught up in internal dialogues. Chillers but will appear lost while walking and more often than not focus on others rather than their own work. Such people are also very calm and have a good sense of intuition but have a tendency to be a slacker who is also easily influenced by people.

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6The Showboat

As a showboat, you walk very intently with a sense of confidence. Your arms and hips sway in an exaggerated manner and love seeking attention from people. The showboat group is characterized by the head is held high and shoulders back. You tend to be more focused on yourself. Showboats are more absorbed in themselves and do not display commanding and charismatic traits of personality.

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7The Supporter

As a supporter you walk with a medium pace and confident strides. Those who walk in the supporter category are considered cooperative team players. They are also usually good listeners and speak with a thoughtful and caring attitude. Supporters love unity ad relationships and can also be very dependable, helpful and loyal to partners and friends. Such people enjoy a phone call from loved ones or friends which will brighten their day. Like politicians, they like making eye contact, making gestures and interacting with people while walking.

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