The Way You Walk Can Reveal Something About Your Personality

8The Short Strider

If you take short strides while walking, then you are considered a short strider. You are most probably a self-centered individual who is undemanding too. Where women are considered, short strides could be the result of pain in the calves or hamstrings. Hip problems could also result in a short stride style of walking.

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9The Arm Crosser

As an arm crosser, it indicates that you like living alone and being alone. This style of walking is also an indication of vulnerability. Communication experts say that when you cross your arms and walk, it indicates a sign of weakness and this could be dangerous especially at night because it can be a signal of vulnerability read easily by attackers for whim you are easy prey. In such circumstances, it would be better to walk fast with a confident style and with your arms uncrossed.

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10The Stomper

If you walk with your feet in a stomping motion, it means you area a stomper. This style of walking can indicate frustration, anger, and persistence. A stomping motion while waking can also send a signal to your brain which could be due to the limbs positioning which happens because of loss of sensation in limbs.

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11The Multitasker

The multitasking style of walking is characterized one performing other activities while walking. If you are able to walk and multitask at the same time, then this is a creative and unique feature that speaks of an imaginative person. Such people can handle a number of tasks simultaneously like answering calls, speaking or directing someone, and also crossing the road, all done at the same time. A multitasker is also a courageous person and a good problem solver who is always ready to help friends in need.

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