This woman contracted a mysterious skin disease after getting bit on her ankle while mowing the Lawn

Calvina from Oklahoma may well remember how ten years ago she was attacked by a strange disease that resulted in her skin being covered in spots which itched painfully. Her experience can well teach several people how to take precautions when mowing a lawn to wear suitable clothing and shoes that cover your feet.

This woman got bit while mowing her lawn and it was the most painful experience of her life.

1 Bit by an insect while mowing her lawn but then the worst happened

While Calvina from Oklahoma was out mowing her lawn, she was bit on her ankle most probably by an insect. Although she wrote it off as a mild insect sting, that wasn’t to be because soon she noticed a dark mark appearing on her arm which itched like anything.

Within that very evening, the marks spread throughout her body and they itched badly. Calvina was diagnosed by her dermatologist as having a nerve problem and thought to have been suffering from a case of allergy. However no amount of medication could stop the terrible itching and the spread of the weird dark spots.

Bit by an insect while mowing

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