This woman married her gym trainer and the reason will shock you

Love can happen at any time and to anyone. It doesn’t see any logic or reasons for falling in love with someone. But when that someone becomes old and you find someone new just because of a weird or absurd reason, you are definitely being selfish and whatever the reason may be, it is just inconceivable to leave someone just because you like something or have a fetish and have found another person matching that fetish. Here is a similar story about a woman who left her husband just because she found a person matching her weird fetish.

1 Who is the woman?

Pamela Hunt

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The woman in question is Pamela Hunt and comes from Suffolk, England. She married Vince Coombs in 2009 at the age of 48 years. After marriage the couple moved to the Orihuela Costa, Spain. Pamela is a heath freak and loves to work out a lot. On moving to Spain she joined a local gym and began to workout intensely while her husband pursued his business. With time, Pamela and her physical trainer Ray became closer and she began to have feelings for him. Ray was elder to Pamela, but had a great physique and was the perfect specimen as far as Pamela was concerned. Pamela became confused about Ray and Vince and then came to a decision that she justified with an absurd reason.

Pamela Hunt married Vince Coombs

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