Astronomers discovered a super massive Black Hole 660 million times larger than the sun

A supermassive black hole 660 million times larger than the sun was discovered by astronomers in May this year. The fantastic discovery by researchers at University of California Irvine was phenomenal and extremely significant as one so large has never been recorded till date.

Researchers using sophisticated high resolution data acquired from ALMA or Atacama Large Millimeter Array space telescope in Chile observatory were ecstatic about the find that had been perplexing scientists for some time. The super massive black hole was found in the NGC 1332 a galaxy obviously far far away.

1 73 Million Light Years in a Galaxy Far Far Away

The black hole inside NGC 1332 at 73 million light years away was found to be 660 million times more massive as the Sun, and has a cloud of gas circling it at roughly 1.8 million kilometers per hour (about 1.1 million miles per hour).

Measuring the speed of this spin is crucial – knowing how fast the dense, cold clouds orbiting the black hole are spinning can tell you a lot about the black hole’s mass in the centre, based on its gravitational pull. And while these clouds emit no light for astronomers to detect, they glow brightly at wavelengths that ALMA can pick up.

73 Million Light Years in a Galaxy Far Far Away

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