He jumped into a bathtub full of hot sauce to attract attention but the results were horrible

Some People will go to any lengths just to be a star and attract attention. Have you ever heard of Cemre Candar? Apparently he is a YouTube star of sorts well known on social media for dumping himself into bath tubs filed with weird substances.

Although he has chalked up a considerable amount of followers, his latest escapade went viral, a reaction he should have been happy with. Unfortunately it cost him a great deal of pain because he made the mistake of dumping himself into a bath tub filled with hot sauce and it wasn’t pleasant at all.

1 Candar went one up on Fear Factor

When you take it upon yourself to go one up on fear factor then you just have to take a bit of hot sauce up your butt as Cemre Candar found out screaming “it’s in my butt!!”

Cemre used 1250 bottles of hot sauce for is crazy deed. Not only did the burning sauce burn his skin, it seeped into all the wrong crevices of his body including his backside. Does that give you goosebumps just thinking what it might feel being dunked into hot sauce?

bathtub full of chilli sauce

Image Source: www.thatviralfeedcdn.com

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