16 Dangerous Beaches in the World That Will Make Tourists Rethink About Going There

Everyone likes relaxing beaches because of the ambience and the thrilling and refreshing sound of the waves and the spectacular looks of an ocean. When the beach is a virgin and pristine one the exercise can be heavenly because of the white sand, the swaying of palm trees and the azure waters that appear magical. But even as many beaches around the world are beautiful, some are also treacherous and dangerous and you need to be very careful before going there. Here are 16 of them.

1Gansbaai Island, South Africa

Known as the Great White Shark Capital, this beach is great for surfers because of the waves but it is notorious for the shark concentration where one part of the beach is called “Shark Valley” where several seals are attacked daily by sharks.

Image Source: entegral.net

2Bolsa Chica State Beach, California

When you are trying to get a tan and sunbathing on this beach, keep your eyes open because you may just one a yellow-bellied snake slithering up to you. The beach is frequented by such venomous snakes that can swim backward and forwards and can also stay underwater for three hours.

Image Source: cloudfront.net

3Virginia Beach, Virginia

Travel reviews in 2014 declared Virginia Beach as one of the most dangerous beaches in the world because of wild foxes. They can be quite dangerous when roaming in packs and though may look like small dogs, they are highly dangerous. Multiple foxes have been known to attack sunbathers and even their pets. People were issued a warning after 2010 not to sleep on the beach.

Image Source: timeout.com

4North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

Among all the beaches in the world, this could be the world’s most dangerous simply because humans can’t even set foot on it let alone be careful of dangerous beasts. North Sentinel Island is home to indigenous tribes who have never been in contact with the outside world and are protected. The Sentinelese tribe as they are called are vicious to outsider and do not hesitate to kill without warning. They fire arrows at anyone coming their way and it is still unknown how many of them exist on the island.

Image Source: nolimitedomedo.com

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