You may not have seen this kind of footage of a woman possessed by spirits

Over the years, instances of alleged demonic and spirit possession have ranged from hoaxes to true life events witnessed by credible sources of information. Whether true or false, sometimes such occurrences can be so remarkably real that to prove live video footage as a hoax is extremely difficult. Although, there maybe psychological overtones to such incidents, still when you’re confronted with something that you’re about to see in this video at the end of the article, you would definitely be shocked into wondering how horrific such incidents can really be when they actually happen. This woman was possessed by spirits in a department store.

This is the recent incident of a woman named Carmela, who went into a trance like state akin to spirit possession, and the ghostly event which happened in the most unlikely location, a supermarket was captured on video.

1 Screams To Make Your Blood Curdle

The incident happened in a busy shopping complex in China when shoppers noticed that a woman collapsed and shrieked in such a way that would make anyone’s blood curdle. As per witnesses, the unusual incident happened simultaneously as items starting falling onto the woman from the stacked shelves.

When bystanders tried helping her, she screamed even more, which frightened them out of their wits. The incident, displayed all over social media invited mixed responses with some attributing her behavior to an epileptic fit, which doesn’t really match up to her actions. Some have felt that she was possessed by a spirit in the supermarket.

Woman in a mall

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