Take a look at the huge monster fish from Amazon River

The nature is full of surprises and one such place that is full of amazing creatures is the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon River. The Amazon rainforest is actually a great ecosystem as it provides a habitat which can let many species of weird creatures to exist. The Amazon River is home to many deadly and astonishing fishes like the piranhas and amongst them, one peculiar fish stands out because of its sheer size and built.

1 The Amazon monster fish – Arapaima

This big fish is called Arapaima and yes it grows this big in the Amazon River. They are amongst the largest freshwater fishes in the world and can reach as long as 3m in length or 9.8 ft. One of the biggest food sources in the Amazon, their number has declined due to over fishing and other climatic changes. Locally these fishes are known as pirarucu, which means red fish in native language.

The Amazon monster fish

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

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