3 Signs that you are dreaming about a dead relative

Forgetting someone close to your heart is extremely difficult and if someone close to you dies and goes to the heaven, it becomes even more difficult to forget them. Such people also find it difficult to let go of the mortal world and try and keep coming back to you in order to help you out or just reassure you of something and trying to help you move on in your life. They usually appear in your dreams and here are 3 signs of them coming to your dreams.

1 Appearance

The dreams that we have about any dead relative is majorly seen as a sign of the relative trying to contact the living person from the other side of the world. Mostly these relatives appear in their earthly form and most of times look healthier and younger from the time they had died. They usually appear extremely happy to see you and they also don’t look threatening and only look worried for your well being and want to know how you are doing.


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