8 Staggering Facts About Women That Will Actually Astonish You

The internet is full of several facts about women and while some of these aren’t very surprising and general knowledge, some can be really astonishing because we never knew about them. Such facts are revealing pieces of information that we could never think possible and yet they existed under our noses. There are such facts concerning women such as their gifted sense of smell, better intuition and now there are links between women’s breasts and intelligence. Yet, scientists are still trying to unlock further mysteries of a woman’s body that keeps proving time and again how unique it is. Here are 8 incredible facts that even women will be surprised and pleased to know about themselves.

1The fewer clothes a woman wears, the higher the chances are for her to live longer

No doubt many women and even more so men will find this amusing to read if you look at it from a humorous point of view. But on a more serious note, British scientists actually concluded this from research that included 5,000 women over seventy years old. There are many theories to this effect but the best one concerns chemistry. The chemical leftovers that remain on clothes after they are washed react chemically with sweat. The reactions then create harmful compounds that negatively impact health.

The fewer clothes a woman wears

2Stimulating a pregnant woman can induce labor

Studies have proven that by stimulating a pregnant woman’s nipples, it can induce labor. This can happen if she is in her full term and rolling or rubbing them, releases oxytocin which is a hormone that can ripen the cervix that again also induces labor contractions.

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Studies in Turkey proved the oxytocin theory right

Oxytocin can also shorten the ordeal of labor and delivery by speeding up the process of delivery. This was observed in a study held in Turkey where2 groups of women received different types of stimulation including the breast one while a third received no stimulation. It was found that the women who received nipple stimuli experienced a shorter time between labor and delivery.

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3There are more women with poor eyesight than men

Irrespective of gender, environmental and behavioural factors can increase the risk of issues with eyesight. However, that being said there are some specific differences that are related only to women like a connection to a longer lifespan and eye issues related to aging. Women are at a higher risk of eye issues than men such as dry eye syndrome connected with hormonal problems. Men experience such problems twice as less than women.

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