Alien life is real, says Prof. Stephen Hawkings and warn humans, not to make any contact!

Humans have been fascinated with the idea of life on a planet other than Earth. We have always thought of contacting alien life form and some people actually believe that alien life is present and they want to contact them to help us with technology. All the Hollywood movies about aliens attacking our country and invading us may actually come true if we do not listen to this eminent scientist.

1 Debate about the existence of alien life

Aliens are there or not? This question has kept mankind scratching their heads since long back. Some hieroglyphs in Egyptian pyramids have even suggested that they had contacted aliens or had been visited by aliens. Some of the cosmologists believe that aliens can be anything from bacteria and organisms to civilizations that may be far more advanced than us humans. Also some people are there in the world who strongly believe that aliens exists and have tried to visit the Earth many times and some believe that the Americans have even captured them and kept them captive in the highly secretive Area 51. People believe that aliens need to be contacted so that harmony can be build and we can benefit from their seemingly advanced technology. But a very eminent scientist has some other qualms about contacting aliens and has issued a warning about the same.

Existence of alien life

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