The Stunning Beauty of These 10 World’s Most Beautiful Roads Will Blow You Away

3 Metasequoia lined road in Shiga Japan

This 2.4 km road in Shiga Japan connects Makino to Makina Highland in Shiga Japan. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and lined with 500 dawn redwoods. Every season is a riot of different color. The road is also one of the 100 New Japan Roadside Tree Views.

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4 San Boldo Pass Italy

Among the most beautiful roads in the world, the San Boldo Pass in Italy is a small mountain pass in Veneto that runs between Trichiana and Tovena in the Cison di Valmarino region. The road is 17 km long and ruins at an elevation of 892 ft. The pass itself connecting Val Belluna with the Val Mareno on the southern edge of the Alps is 2316 ft high and is full of loops and hairpin bends.

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5 Heavens Gate China

Heaven’s Gate Mountain or Tianmen Shan is a natural arched cave eroded through a Karst syncline. Situated in Northern Hunan Province, China, it is accessed from Zhangjiaje by the world’s longest skytram. This leads to a bus ride on a winding road followed by a set of 999 steps.

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