You won’t believe what happened when doctors put this dead woman’s baby on her chest

Sometimes the bond between two lives is strong enough even to keep death at bay and when that bond is between a mother and her child, death has to accept defeat and return empty handed even when the odds were in Death’s corner.
One such incident happened at the Carolinas HealthCare System Hospital, where a mother who was in a coma after giving birth to her daughter, was saved from a certain death after a nurse suggested an idea which included making her baby cry and being kept near her comatose mother.

Here is the full story.

1 The woman

Shelley Cawley from North Carolina, U.S. was pregnant with her first child and almost lost her life in the process of bringing the baby into this world. Shelly had to be taken to the hospital due to her labor pains and was in the emergency surgery room for a C section in order to deliver her baby.

But due to complications during the surgery and delivering the baby, an underlying condition reared its ugly head and Shelley suffered a pulmonary embolism when a blood clot in her leg rushed into her lungs and she went into coma straight after giving birth.

The woman

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