8 Habits that will result in happy and positive relationships

Habit is something of a particular thing that a person gets so used to doing after repeating it umpteenth number of times that it becomes hard to give up on it. Same kind of habits are formed in a relationship that become ingrained in your psyche and are difficult to break.

Some habits are positive and some are negative. In order to enjoy healthy and positive relationships, you should ingrain more and more positive habits. These habits will help you bring happiness in the relationship and the result will be a succesful relationship.

Here are 8 of such habits that you should definitely cultivate in order to enjoy positive relationships.

1 Respect

One of the most important foundations of any relationship is mutual respect. It becomes exponentially important when you are in a romantic relationship, that you respect your partner and that they respect you.

Respect builds trust and the moment you disrespect your partner, that trust becomes weak and continuous disrespecting lead to breaking of that trust. Once broken, trusting the same person again becomes impossible.


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