These kind-hearted celebrities brought smiles on the faces of their fans

It is believed that glamour and stardom, to which stars are exposed often, make them disdainful and patronising. But, not all the celebrities are like that. There are some who do have kind souls and love helping and staying in touch with people, especially with their fans. These stars know that their admirers are the ones who have taken them to such great heights with their love and support. So, how can we not appreciate such famous personalities who reciprocate the same love for their followers? Let us have a look at seven kind- hearted celebrities who have done great gestures for their fans who were ill.

1 Ryan Reynolds

Recently, the 39-year old Canadian actor discovered that one of his fans, Connor McGrath was suffering from lymphoblastic leukaemia. For Connor, who was just 13, it was the Make-a-Wish foundation that arranged the meet between the two, which was his life’s moment! The star tried to spend as much time as he could with his young admirer and even took him to the special screening of the film ‘Deadpool’ before it was released. Unfortunately, the boy passed away a few days after the screening of the film. Reynolds mourned the death of his admirer and posted a tribute on social networking sites saying that they both shared a special bond.

Ryan Reynolds

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