Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Invest Her Time In Activism During One-Year Break

A large number of people on this planet Earth are fans of Jennifer Lawrence. They admire many qualities that Jennifer possesses. They are just fans of Jennifer’s acting prowess, her down to earth demeanor and undeniable beauty. She shook the entire world when she was first seen in The Hunger Games trilogy which started in 2012.

1 Jennifer Lawrence is a big star and she has fans all over the world

Jennifer is also known for playing the role of Katniss Everdeen in the movies for many years. Jennifer earned for herself an Academy Award in 2012 for “Silver Linings Playbook.” But, her most admired role is when she played protagonist of the critically acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series.

Jennifer Lawrence

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2 Jennifer is known as brave heroine

Jennifer is widely known as someone who was a brave heroine and protected those people who were in dire needs. It is not sure whether Jennifer liked it or not but she was actually people’s role model for playing such kind of role.

Jennifer is known as brave heroine

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3 Although it’s been six years since her Oscar Award, she still has a huge fan base

Although time has passed and it’s been six years since Jennifer attained international stardom by winning the Oscar Award, there are many women and girls who still are huge fan of her. And, Jennifer is also no mood to let her fans’ expectations die down.

Jennifer Lawrence after Oscar Award

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4 Jennifer is planning something good for the world

Jennifer is planning bigger thing in the year 2018. She plans to something good to the world. Jennifer also plans to stay away from Hollywood to achieve new goals. And, hopefully that will be short time away from Hollywood. If you can remember, Jennifer had actually announced in an interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC News’ Today Show, that she is going to take a break from Hollywood.

Jennifer is planning bigger thing

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