Know Which Pop Star Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We all have our favorite pop stars and always aspire to become like them. We always die to see our favorite pop stars perform. And, why not? The list of top pop stars include the names of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears or Madonna. These pop stars achieved phenomenal successes in their lives. We are trying to understand their persona through their zodiac signs. Zodiac signs have an unending effect on people’s persona. Hence, we are examining the zodiac signs of these famous pop stars. You can certainly know about your chances to become like your favorite stars according to the zodiac signs.

1Aries: Michael Jackson

People belonging to this zodiac signs are generally brave badass. Their personality traits include confidence, motivation and ambition. They always set high standards for themselves and also get successful in achieving them. And, when you look at Michael Jackson, you will know that he had all these qualities.

Aries Michael Jackson

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2Taurus: Taylor Swift

Taurean people are always grounded, loyal and nurturing. They are known to invest a lot in the relationships and they always expect the same kind of return. When that does not happen, they often get jealous and possessive. Taylor Swift is someone who has all these qualities. She is known for making songs which attacked her exes. This is exactly the quality of a Taurean.

Taurus Taylor Swift

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3Gemini: Madonna

People belonging to this sign are known for their duality. They are always flexible, adaptable, inconsistent and nervous. They want to do everything in the world and if that does not happen they get frustrated. These qualities perfectly fit into Madonna. She was also very adaptable.

Gemini Madonna

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