Photos Of Courteney Cox Which Will Prove That David Arquette Has Made A Big Mistake

Courteney Cox, the beautiful actress who is famous for her work in the sitcom Friends has a huge fan following and they want to keep a track of everything that is happening in the life of their favorite actress. It really made some of her fans sad when the news of her divorce with David Arquette was made public. The couple were married for 11 long years as they got married in 1999 and separated in the year 2010, the divorce got finalized in 2013.

Here are 15 photos of Courteney which will prove that David has definitely made a mistake by divorcing her:

1Sleek and casual

When it comes to fashion, Courteney has always kept a casual yet sober approach. Take a look at this photo, don’t you feel that Monica Geller from Friends is walking down the street. It’s commendable on her part to look so cool in this dress even in 2020.

Sleek and casual

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2Mother-Daughter Duo

The mother-daughter duo looks awesome in this photo, in fact Coco resembles her mother a lot, especially the smile. There is no denying the fact that David must be pretty upset after seeing his daughter and former wife in one frame without him.

Mother-Daughter Duo

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3All in black

One of the main reasons because of which Courteney looks so hot even at the age of 55 is that she has not gained even little bit of weight and it helps her in carrying every dress with comfort. She looks like a chick in this all black dress and proves that looking hot is possible even after crossing 50.

All in black

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4Monica Geller with Chandler Bing

There is no denying the fact that fans of Courteney and Matthew would have preferred to see them both together as a real-life couple but destiny had some other plans. However, Matthew also wanted to be with his on-screen wife in reality.

Monica Geller with Chandler Bing

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5Confident and Independent

What makes Courteney Cox more special is the fact that she has always been a hard-        working, confident and an independent person. Here is a photo from Courteney Cox’s home in Malibu and the glow that she has on her face certainly speaks a lot about her strong personality.

Confident and Independent

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