Studies Say Travelling Makes You Happier Than Getting Married or Having A Baby

9Being away makes you appreciate family and home

When you are away from home for a considerable amount of time, then family, friends and partners take on new meaning and you start to think about them more. You also learn to appreciate them and calling home doesn’t become a task for you. Your parents or your partner would love listening to tour experiences and travels so it is a perfect opportunity to take about the places you love.

Being away makes you appreciate family and home

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10Make new friends

Finding friends when you travel is more meaningful and easier than it does at home. This is because you meet likeminded people going through the same experiences as you which mean they are people you can relate to. Both have something in common where you can share experiences, problems, thrills and adventures. Conversation becomes easy because with a fellow traveller, there is always so much to talk about and even plan together. Social interactions during travelling make us a lot happier.

Make new friends

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11Social media detox

Social media has its positive and negative side to it but once in away, it is good to get away from social media and travelling can do that for you. It is addictive when you have WI-FI at your disposal because you just can’t tear away from your phone. If it isn’t updating FB its Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter. Then there are emails to check as well. All this can actually lead to stress too. But, traveling gives you a much needed rest and a mental detox from social media which is a good thing.

Social media detox

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12Getting some ‘Me’ time

By far one of the most important benefits of travelling is getting Me time. In this hectic fast paced world, we live following orders at work, doing things for family and carrying out those responsibilities at home. There is no time for yourself. Travelling helps you get away and enjoy some time alone with yourself especially when you are travelling solo.

Getting some 'Me' time

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