10 Things every couple needs to do if they are planning to get married

You have finally found your soul mate; you guys are best friends and pretty much everything to each other. You think you have found the love that will last for a lifetime. You are thinking of letting everyone know that you have found ‘the one’. But before that, think about it one more time- are you truly ready to get married? It is a decision that will change your whole life and will also affect your family and friends. So to make that decision clearer, here are 10 things every couple must do before getting marriage.

1 Travel together to places

Try and travel to somewhere, where both of you are out of the comforts of your settled home. Try to experience something new, meet strangers, make friends and visit places that you always wanted to visit. All the stress of planning for a journey and the travelling will also give you an idea, as to how your partner handles the stress, and whether you are able to stay strong, despite having arguments and disagreements, etc. This will tell you, if you are compatible for the long term deal.

Travel together to places

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