What Compulsory School Uniforms Look Like in 15 Different Countries

Many people debate the fact whether it is mandatory for schools to have uniforms or not. Those supporting the fact testify that it makes kids more united, disciplined and equal and even parents wouldn’t have to think about what their child would have to wear. Those who are against this fact say that it doesn’t impact the educational system and it kills the individuality of a person. School uniforms have existed form the time the concept of private and organized education came into being. It speaks of a culture and educational tradition that is also a symbol and representation of the institution. People recognize schools instantly by the uniform. However, this article has nothing to do with this debate but it will provide information of different countries around the world which have kids wearing uniform in schools for you to take a look how school uniforms around the world look.


The school uniform in Japan for girls is known as “Seifuku” and it is very famous because it has been displayed in Anime and Manga comic books too. A sea style blouse and a skirt which is pleated and the more older a girl gets, the shorter it seems the skirts get. Shoes should have small heels and it is absolutely necessary to have knee length socks. They even have to wear them during winter. Girls use special glue from preventing the socks from sliding off.


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2Great Britain

In England, the school dress code is followed very strictly. Uniforms when worn for the first time were blue in color because it helped to teach the kids to be calm and organized and it was the cheapest fabric available at the time. Now most schools have uniforms and symbols of their own for distinguishing. There are some schools which are so strict that in hot weather students can’t wear shorts to school. In summer boys of one particular school wore skirts and went on a strike. After this incident, gender neutral uniforms were made by many schools.

Great Britain

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The educational system of Australia has borrowed many rules and regulations from Great Britain. There is a huge similarity between the school uniforms of Great Britain and Australia. Due to the hot climate, wearing a hat is also a rule in some schools.


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In Cuba, there are variations of uniforms like white top and yellow bottom or dark blue bottom and blue top. Some even have red sundresses or pants with white shirts. There is one essential element in every uniform which is the tie. Students in the soviet are also required to follow a similar rule.


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In Indonesia, the colors of school uniform depend on the basis of their level of education. A white top is a must but the bottom can be dark blue, grey and even red. One interesting fact is that students can paint each other’s uniforms after passing the national exam as a sign of freedom. They use markers, sprays paints, and it is a kind of tradition. Etc.


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